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Worship and Justice LIVE recording was nothing short of amazing. This impromptu praise break speaks to the heart of the album. It's time to address two major issues, Worship & Justice. You can't worship if you don't have justice. You can't have Jesus. You can't have one without the other. And even if it's just us, there's still enough of us and we're going to change the world.



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Praying Through It, Volume II is the second installment in an ongoing series of books of prayers that literally make praying easy. Volume II is the gathering of a year’s worth of personal prayers and conversations with the Father that He has mandated that I share with you. What began as a personal journey, in pursuit of my own personal prayer space and language, has evolved into a corporate training ground for people who are trying to find their place and space with God. I pray for the Same Grace that was afforded to me as I pursued His presence, to fall upon you as you pray these prayers and make your own. I pray that Same Grace to flood you, your house, and your circle of family and friends. I pray that talking to Jesus becomes your forever joy and that it never feels like a job again. I pray that prayer becomes your go-to and that you find refuge in your place of prayer. God promised me that He would use this book of prayers to impart the language of prayer to a generation that has had a difficult time talking to God. Let’s get to Praying Through It.


PRAYING THROUGH IT Volume 1: has been REVISED just in time for 2022. This daily devotional is filled with prayers of hope, strength, grace and meets you right where you are to help you get to a place of peace in God. The collection of prayers are vulnerable expressions filled with the raw sincerity and drive to pray your way through the distractions of life that may cause you to lose focus on your assignments. These prayers are designed to activate your faith and to keep you moving forward one day at a time through dedicated and consistent prayer.



In the midst of a worldwide pandemic and an atmosphere of angst, God has commissioned us to plan BIGGER. 2021 is a year of celebration for The dReam Center Church of Atlanta. We are celebrating 15 years of ministry, and we are excited about what God is doing for us and for what God is doing in the lives of all who are connected to us. That includes you! This book is a collection of sermons created to enhance your relationship with God and deepen the understanding of God’s Word for your life. It is designed to guide you through the Word of God in a way that will increase your faith and help you apply God’s Word to your life. As you PURSUE GOD FIRST, LEAVE YESTERDAY BEHIND, and ANOINT EVERYTHING, it is my conviction that you will experience breakthrough in every area of your life. God has given us the tools to unlock His BIGGER plan for our lives. So, let’s prepare for BIGGER!

William Murphy, III is the founder and lead pastor of The dReam Center Church of Atlanta, one of the nation’s most influential ministries leading the way in worship and community outreach. This third-generation pastor and Bishop, not only provides leadership for one of the fastest-growing churches in America, but he also serves his community alongside The Foundation for Dreams, The Dr. Carolynne Phillips Foundation, The UNCF of Atlanta, and The 100 Black Men of Atlanta. He also serves The Recording Academy Atlanta Chapter, as well as Chairman of The Board for The Tehilah Music Group. Murphy is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter. Murphy has dedicated his life to ministry and leading a generation to worship and prayer.

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Thank you!

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